Welcome to the ATIS Global Snakebite Appeal  
"Every 6 seconds a person is bitten by a snake"  
In a single year, more people are affected by snakebite than the entire population of the countries of New Zealand, Ireland, Eritrea, Finland, or even Singapore. Most of these people are poor farm workers and children. Our project is focused on developing a new, ethical, universal antivenom that can be used as a first aid treatment to neutralize venom, eliminating the deadly threat of snakebite from the world.  
We hope this will create a more humane world, by promoting understanding and snake conservation by means of education, reducing the public’s fear and changing peoples’ attitudes towards snakes.  
The natural compounds we will be using are not associated with the problems of current antivenoms, are more affordable and are derived from plants. This new treatment will make it easier to treat the people who need it the most, it can be produced without the need for medical animals and it would eliminate the need to hesitate before giving treatment, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of lives and limbs each year.  
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