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Supporters and Publicity
If you are interested in supporting this project, you can help us in a number of ways. Here, you will find out how you can help and what any donations will be used for
We are very grateful to all those who have supported our project so far. Please take a look at this page to see who is helping us with this project.
Thank you to those whose work and contributions have helped us with this project and website.
How you can help
Become a volunteer 

We are looking for volunteers who can help to: 

• Promote this project through social media 

• Write relevant articles or promote us on YouTube.

• Create illustrations and animations  

• Create graphics for posters, t-shirts and other promotional items. 

Become an advocate 

Spread the news of our project through traditional media outlets, online news, youtube or your favourite social media site. 

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Become a patron 

Please send us an email saying, "I'll back you!" so we can contact you and add you to our list of patrons once our crowd funding campaign has started. 

We will enable donations in the near future. 

Become a corporate sponsor 

If you would like to become a corporate sponsor, please send us an e-mail with your company details and we can discuss your requirements. 

Please note that the ATIS Global Snakebite Appeal is currently a private undertaking, and is not accepting donations at this time, however, you can express your interest to donate and once we become an incorporated body in the future you can help us succeed.
By funding this project, your contributions will go directly to our team who are doing the research and spreading awareness. You will be helping us to develop a product that could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year and will give us the start that we need to carry on doing even more research after this project is completed. 
If you would like to help spread awareness of this project, you can post the following images on your social media or personal/corporate websites:
Supporters and Publicity
April, 2016

The Asian Society of Pharmacognosy shows their support for the ATIS Snakebite project and released an article on our project.

Dr. Christophe Wiart, the founder of the Asian Society of Pharmacognosy ( has participated in the making of a new mini documentary to help raise awareness of the neglected disease of snakebite.

Thank you!

The documentary is due to be released later this year.
October, 2015  

A monetary donation, with many thanks to AMAC.  

We would like to thank the follwing individuals for their images which we have used to enhance this site: 
sarangib, farm image used for the title "The Problem" (Snakebite, the Facts) 
Foto-Rabe, rattlesnake image used for the title "What is in a Snakebite?" (Snakebite, the Facts) 
stevepb, first aid kit image used for the title "Current Treatments" (Snakebite, the Facts) 
klbz, IV bags image used for the title "The Outcome" (Snakebite, the Facts) 
rihaij, horse image used for the title "Antivenom Production" (Snakebite, the Facts) 
RoDobby, child image used for the title "The Victims" (Snakebite, the Facts) 
Wikipedia, world map showing snakebite envenomings under the title "The Victims" (Snakebite, the Facts) 
ddouk, snake skeleton image used for the title "Conservation" (Conservation & Ethics) 
succo, weighing balance image used for the title "Ethics" (Conservation & Ethics) 
Pezibear, daisy image (Acknowledgements)

Cuyahoga, snake picture for "Snakebite, the Facts" button (The Project) 
StartupStockPhotos, photo of man writing on paper for "Our Plan" button (The Project) 
Unsplash, photo of researcher in lab for "How it Works" button (The Project) and photo of crowd for "Supporters and Publicity" button (Supporting this Project)
ElasticComputeFarm, photo of bandaids for "How you can help" button (Supporting this Project) 
chrystalizabeth, "Thank you" image for "Acknowledgements" button (Supporting this Project)